Artist Statement

Diary of a Shopaholic is a series of 2-D and 3-D pieces that deal with women’s artifacts and reflect on the obsessive cultural and social  demands society puts on women. The sharp media targeting on creating new and false needs to beauty and perfection creates a fanatical shopping spree deriving in a   compulsive consumerism and a fanatical strive in holding up to the parameters of ideal femininity.

The works assemble feminine artifacts,- fabrics, high heels, lipsticks, discarded perfume bottles, jewelry, and other adornments and beauty objects women collect in their daily struggle towards the societal constraints and bounds.

These compounds of found and discarded elements came to me driving behind a truck full of garage and discarded objects. The visual feeling was a mixture of disgust and beauty. I was surprised when I started thinking of these unusual elements as a subject for my art, and I started elaborating and daydreaming, expanding in my mind why and how this could become a work of art. The shapes and unusual dirty colors looked attractive in the sunlight as some of the objects reflected and gleamed in an atypical way.

Old shoes and clothes could be glanced bizarrely as a I drove behind this vehicle. As an exercise I started imagining odd ensembles and curious combinations using the elements and materials that made sense to me from that strange compound.

Diary of a As I like to use female related elements and ideas, they developed in what you now see in my sculptures, a compound of recycled women’s artifacts for beauty and fashion-  that is repulsive and pleasing at the same time.


Rosario Bond