ROSARIO BOND  (1952) is a Dominican-American artist that has been living and working in Miami for some decades past. She studied Architecture and Interior Design at the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña (Santo Domingo, [Dominican Republic]), and studied visual arts at L’Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris, France, and at the Camden Art Center, London, England. She has studied and lived in Paris, Florence, London, and New York from 1975 to 1979. In 1995, after a prolonged creative pause, she traveled to North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Mexico. In Santa Fe, NM, she met American artist Betty Ridgeway, with whom she intensely practiced abstract expressionism and action painting techniques.

Rosario’s intuitive approach to her practice has taken her to explore different mediums and processes throughout her many years in art field.  She turns radically and irreverently towards random resources and her impeccable instinct, using signs and symbols to vitalize her poetic method and the uniqueness of her layered expressive production.

Her work bursts into textural, gestural and polychromatic dramatization reminiscent of experiences, feelings, emotions, hallucinations, and extremely particular emotional occurrences that are either her experiences or her observation of present events.

These images represent causes and reasons of the reality and unreality of the objects that inhabit the world of the artist. It is a transfigured world marked by Rosario’s interest in popular, socio-economic happenings and contemporary culture saturated with humor, irony and visual insinuations that rediscover and provide feedback to abstracted mediums in a time where humanity is prophetically devoid of depth, precarious, and broken. Rivera Bond intends to convey light and awareness through her use of color, gestures and subject matter as a balm to the spirit in this atmosphere we live in.