Artist Statement

My work is a reflection on what the world is today, and how I perceive the different realities through my daily existential experiences. My paintings fictionally reflect on experiences and passages I have had in my life.

I am concerned on women’s critical issues and their current condition in society. Women are submitted to highly competitive social demands, and to the predicaments of beauty, sex, and fashion. They create significant struggles in their daily lives. Beauty and fashion elevate the status and power that women hold in society, usually creating highly tense and troubled situations and competitive attitudes.

I am interested in how women react to these social demands and what are the critical consequences of these demands in their lives.

In my work I propose feminine characters in crucial situations, sometimes treated with humor or sarcasm. I create parodies and burlesque scenes, exaggerating feminine traits and dislocating their figures as symbolizing women reactions to society. They are presented with hilarious traits and caricature-like expressions as a way of satirizing the fixed feminine stereotypes that occupy our social mentalities. Stars, models, women on a shopping spree or in a family fury, become comical and ironic representations of women of the world we live in today.