Artist Statement

In my work, I try to deconstruct “The American Dream” of beauty and the perfect life. Every day, we are being bombarded by advertising and propaganda that dictates what the perfect feminine prototype should be, whether it’s in photos, magazines, movies, television, or any other media.

I’m very interested in the world of the real woman and the roles that define and guide her. I’m interested in the cultural predicaments that constrict or define her, such as the power of beauty, fashion and sex, all elements that either elevate or belittle women and create a demanding and competitive atmosphere.

I create parodies in my work, and scenes of satire and humor, exaggerating feminine impulses and exalting feminine stereotypes and situations in an extreme way.

I’m also connected to Abstract Expressionism in the sense that I go to my studio without any pre-imagined ideas and get straight to work. I experiment with diverse materials and techniques and mix different media and oil paint with recycled feminine objects such as cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, clothing, and shoes to emulate consumerism and the culture of accumulation that puts demands on the contemporary woman. I try to express the ironies that concern and preoccupy my mind through my work.

Rosario Bond

May 2011