Artist Statement

My purpose is to create relational tensions between gesture, action and color through seductive and sensual compositions. Curvilinear outlines intercross with colorful stains suggesting, imaginary fluids, water currents, dripping into one another in dazzling contours.

These paintings are not abstractions of objects or figures. In White Mischief Series, I am interested in abstractions that stand for themselves; in other words, they are abstractions of my imagination, and feelings that come out at the moment.

In these paintings, I am not trying to project an idea, it is all about the process of painting in itself; in the end, it is the painting itself that I want you to look at; it doesn’t matter that you bring your own story to it.

My work is not abstract expressionism, even though I use disrupted marks and turbulent twisted designs, it is meticulously executed and planned, and largely layered. I am in favor of pleasure and fantasy. It is like a meditation for me.

Rosario Bond